Saturday, December 31, 2011

Perfect Red Lips

A red lip is one of the most classic and visually stunning things you can do to your face. But the perfect red is hard to get right–and apply. So, here are some tips...

  • Apply lip liner all over–accent the outer edge well–and use a nude pencil.

  • Apply lipstick using a lip brush for more control and precise application. A touch of gloss adds a special shine. Blend the gloss with the lipstick for a more sheer effect.

  • Use concealer along the lip line as a cleanup and also as a way to highlight the lip. A touch at the cupids bow (the little indentation above your upper lip) adds extra dimension.
  • If you’re anticipating having a beverage or two and want your lipstick to stay on, Skip the gloss, and use a long wearing color instead, or use a straw in your beverages.